Movimientos 11/06/14 Wed, 2014-06-25 15:33

Underground Latin beats from Cuba to Colombia, Peru to Puerto Rico and Argentina. With a special Chilean triplet with folk swing from Juana Fe & Nano Stern, Ska Jazz from Santiago Downbeat and laid back hip hop from Ana Tijoux. Plus a healthy dose of Brazilian selections from the new Kafundo comp on Dutty Artz, a Drumagick d’n’b mix of Da Lata, and an exclusive futebol themed tune from Nina Miranda who’s playing at Joga Bola Festival at Rich Mix during the world cup.

DJ Mangaio e Cole – Carimb? remix
Broki – Es Que Lo Es (Kay Suzuki remix)
Sunlightsquare – Vamonos Pal Monte
Qva Libre – Sudas Con Karajo
El Remolon – La Vibra (ft Miss Bolivia)
Mr To? – Oggun
Cumbia All Stars – Quiero Que Amanezca
Juana Fe y Nano Stern – Botox / Chilian Suing
Ana Tijoux – Los Peces Gordos No Pueden Volar
Santiago Downbeat – Nuevo Beat
Da Lata – Deixa (Drumagick’s Sun ‘n’ Bass remix)
Dead Lover’s Twisted Heart – Apocalipse Do Amor
NASCA – Onde Vai Dar?
Nina Miranda – Futebol
Sonzeira – Xibaba (ft Emanuel Ara?jo & Chico Chagas)