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Movements & Sounds - Bringing Musical Joy with Mi-kaisha Tue, 2022-06-21 12:29

This episode features soul and R&B musician Mi-kaisha, a Darumbal Murri and Tongan artist raised in Sydney who shares her experiences of performing for her community, as well as abroad. She made her dream come true studying at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and has many achievements in her pocket: she was NAIDOC Youth of the Year in 2019, the same year she released her first EP titled Mi-kaisha, she won FBi Radio’s Next Big Thing Award and has even appeared on Australian X Factor. We’ve talked about her passion for bringing lightness and joy to the world through music, and about taking space when it feels right and what it’s like to navigate white-dominated spaces. Her latest single Brand New was released last year, which you can hear at the end of this episode. Enjoy!

Please be advised that this podcast contains references to people who have passed.

Show script:

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