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Movements & Sounds - Sharing Culture with Yulugi Thu, 2022-02-03 16:47

Gamilaroi and Wakka Wakka song man and didgeridoo player Gumaroy Newman and British-Australian flutist, pianist, and composer Keyna Wilkins talk about all things Yulugi; an ensemble they have set up about 3 years ago. From fuzzy Capricorn behaviour to the Scottish origins of the word “digeridoo,” to the Australian national anthem, we have talked about it all. Most importantly, we talked about how music of the “here and now” can celebrate humans in all our commonalities as well as our differences. Because in the end, we are all (going?) grey. This episode includes one of their songs at the end of our talk as well, make sure to stay tuned!

Little spoiler alert: Jalal Mahamede is now a free man! He was released only a couple of weeks after we recorded this episode.

Please be advised that this podcast contains references to deceased persons.

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– About Ganga Giri:
– About the online streaming event hosting “Celestial Emu” composed by Keyna Wilkins and performed by Gumaroy Newman on Yidaki (Didgeridoo) and the Metropolitan Orchestra. The event was streamed on November 12 th , 2021, but this page contains a lot of info. Look for “Celestial Emu” under “Program Notes:”
– About Keyna’s project together with Jalal:
– About Jalal Mahamede:
– About the Recognition in Anthem Project:
– About SeedMob: