The MOGA Highlife Half-Hour 2 Wed, 2015-06-24 13:26

This is the second show in the MOGA Highlife Half-Hour series; presenting some of the best Highlife music to come out of Ghana and Nigeria. With an array of up-tempo and melancholic tracks we take you on a real musical journey. From Palm Wine music to funky guitar band style – you?ll be dancing, then crying, then dancing some more.

1. Dr K Gyasi & His Noble Kings – Yede Aba, Mene Menua Mie

2. Celestine Ukwu & the Philosophers National – Elege

3. Vis-a-vis – Susan Suo

4. Bob Akwaboa?s Guitar Band – Ena Ne Agya Awu

5. King Onyina – Bebrebe Ye Musuo

6. Opambuo International Band of Ghana (feat Nana Agyemang) – Kiss Me and Smile

7. Alex Konadu – Mesi Wokonho?