Manorama Prasad (SOAS Concert Series) - 13/03/2017 Sat, 2017-09-02 19:54

Spiritual and soul-stirring Carnatic vocals

Manorama Prasad from Bangalore came to the UK in 1990. After early musical training she had a career as an economist before making music her focus again, which for her is a lifelong passion and challenge. Prasad is known for her traditional and technical rendering, and exquisite control over ragas. She has also collaborated with Western, Classical, Jazz and Hindustani musicians which she greatly enjoys: “Music is amazing, whether it’s western or eastern the system is the same, the notes are the same, but the way we project that is different. It’s very exciting.” For Prasad, beyond being exciting, Carnatic music is unique, soul-stirring and elevating the spirit.

Part of the SOAS Concert Series 2016/17 – the public face of music at SOAS

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