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Le Bon Beat 6 Wed, 2013-02-06 18:13

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In the light of the recent events in Mali and the military involvement of France there, Le Bon Beat invites you on its 6th edition to explore the relations post-colonialism between France and Africa through the eyes of the french rappers, most of them being sons of immigrants of the 2nd or 3rd generation. This is a show probably more socially and politically conscious than what you’ve been used to, as this social consciousness has been a determining factor of French HipHop since it started its rise in the late 80’s. A show about immigration then, identity and integration, featuring strong beats and lyrics which are sure to capture your interest.

Also worthy of note, this show is the first one to feature live Flute-over-Beats interludes by none other than Drew Le Prod our producer. A little taste of what you can expect at our Le Bon Beat events and nights!
Shout out to excellent french producer “DJ Logilo” too, as we have been using many of his instrumentals as backgrounds for the show. You can find plenty of his work here >>

Make sure you like and share the show to help keep on going, and check our FB page and blog:

There are plenty more infos and tracks up there about the artists we play, new french HH releases, and we will start soon to add links to lyrics of the tracks we play so you can have a more in depth understanding of the artists messages and concerns.

Finally, make sure you watch this space for updates on the Le Bon Beat Live Nights that we will be bringing to you at The Three Compasses in Dalston from Thursday February 28th, and the Hip Hop U Don’t Stop nights that we host alongside our friends of The Soul Partizan Family Tree at The Hoxton White Horse in Shoreditch every month.

Thanks for Listening, Keep your Heads Bobbin’ and Thinkin’

Peace Out!

Drew Le Producer & The Man From Montpellier

LE BON BEAT v006 Tracklist

## : Artist – Track -Album -Year

01: Roc? – Je Chante La France – Identit? en Crescendo – 2006
02: ATK – Des Maux – Silence Radio – Inedits 2007
03: Arsenik – Une Saison Blanche et Seche – Quelques Gouttes Suffisent – 1998
04: Fabe – Un Nuage Sans Fin – D?tournement de Son – 1998
05: Ideal J – Le Combat Continue – Le Combat Continue – 1998
06: 3eme Oeil – Le Monde Est Grand – Opinion sur rue Vol.2 (Compilation) – 2005
07: Akhenaton – M?teque Et Mat – M?teque Et Mat – 1995
08: La Rumeur – Le Cuir use d’une valise – 2002
09: Idir feat.Oxmo Puccino – P?lerinage – La France Des Couleurs – 2007
10: Rocca – Aux Frontieres du R?el – Entre Deux Mondes – 1997
11: La Harissa – O Emigrante – Portos Ricos – 1997