Last Train to Belgrade Episode Two Sun, 2012-03-25 02:00

Our second show has arrived at the station and is full of lots of new passangers from around the world all playing gypsy infused music. In this show were putting the spotlight on some contemporary bands, including Gypsy Fever from London, Gogol Bordello from New York and Rotfront from Berlin. Lots of styles are also represented from ska to klezmer and back again. Please let us know what you think on our facebook page Last Train to Belgrade!

1 The Last Balkan tango by Boris Kovac Ladaaba Orkestar on The Last Balkan tango album

2 Cocek 4 by Sandy Lopicic Orkestar on Balkea album

3 Kumska Gadja by Orkestar Argushevi on Strumica Macedonia album

4 Chaje Shukarije by Gypsy Fever

5 Make them go insane by Worldly savages on Make them go insane album

6 Santa Maria by Drunken Balordi on Drunken Balordi album

7 Jugoslavia by Saban Bajramovic. Pijanica s Ciganski kralj album

8 Black cat White cat/Pitbull terrier mix  by Saban Bajramovic and various musicians on Black cat White cat soundtrack album.

9 Just once by Leonid Soybelman on Russen soul compilation album.

10 Wonderlust King by Gogol Bordello on Super Taranta album.

11 Barry Medallion by Gorgeous George on prick tease EP

12 Babyminxy by Hallouminati on debut EP

13 Hava Nagila by Boban Markovic orkestar on live in Belgrade album.

14 Klezmer Klub Whitechapel my Whitechapel on Whitechapel mayne Vaytshepl album

15 Red Mercedes by Rot front on Emigrantski ragamuffin album.