JMI Radio - Los Desterrados Wed, 2011-09-07 18:03

Welcome to JMI Radio – ‘Klezmer in the Park’ special! This month in the studio we have Mark Greenfield and Drew Salida from London Sephardic sextet ‘Los Desterrados’. As they will be performing for us in Regents Park (at 1530), we decided to get them into the studio for a live performance and a chat about all things Sephardic.

Klezmer in the Park – Sunday 11th September – Regents Park Bandstand

Watch this space for more features of local and international artists working within the Jewish music spectrum.


1) Mi Suegra la Negra / My Mother in law the Evil One – Los Desterrados (from the album Miradores)
2) Por la tu Puerta yo Pasi / I passed by your door – Los Desterrados (Live JMI studio session)
3) Yo hanino Tu Hanina / I am Handsome You are Lovely – Los Desterrados (from the album Por Dos Levanim)
4) Spalato di Noche / Split at Night – Flory Jagoda (from the album Arvoliko)
5) Tres Clavinas en un Tiesto (Minnush) / Three Carnations in a bowl – Los Desterrados (Live JMI Studio session)
6) Una Hora (One hour) – Yasmin Levy (from the album Mano Suave)
7) Kiryatenu Mele’ah Nehora – Emil Zrihan (from the album Chants Judeo-Marocains 2)
8) Kokhav Tzedek / Star of Righteousness – Los Desterrados (from the album Miradores)