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JMI Radio - El Gusto, Baladi Blues Ensemble, Golden Peacock and Cantorial Convention Wed, 2013-05-29 14:24

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In June?s JMI Show we showcase El Gusto (3 June/Barbican), Songlines Encounters Festival (5-8 June/ Kings Place) ICSM director Michael Haas? new book ?Forbidden Music?, the European Cantors Convention (18-20 June Central Synagogue), Ilana Cravitz talks about Klezmer Music as part of the SOAS World Music Summer School, Shura Lipovsky shares the Joys of Yiddish song and Geoff Berner previews his London concert next month.

June is the highlight of the event calender, with many events taking place all over the UK, we bring some of those to your attention in this packed show.

El Gusto at the Barbican (3rd June) will bring back together Algerian Jewish and Muslim Musicians separated by 50 years. We interview the Barbicans; Creative producer Bryn Ormerod and Womex’s Ben Mandelson to gain some more insight.

Songlines Encounters Festival (5th-8th June) will be happening at Kings Place, bringing collaborations of musics from across the world, we interview Guy Schalom of the Baladi Blues Ensemble and Songlines magazine’s Editor-in-chief Simon Broughton.

Michael Haas, director of the ICSM (International Centre for Suppressed Music) will be holding a lecture (6th June) at The Chancellor’s Hall (Senate House, first floor) on his new book: “Forbidden Music; The Jewish Composer Banned by the Nazi’s”, we interviewed Michael about the event and the book.

Every summer JMI holds its annual summer song school The Golden Peacock. This course, in Yiddish song, is led by Shura Lipovsky with her esteemed colleagues Hilda Bronstein and Polina Shepherd. We interviewed Shura to find out in her own words, the importance of song to a culture and how it furthers the expression of the language.

Liturgical music lives in Jewish culture through the role of the Chazan (Cantor.) This year’s Cantorial Convention builds upon its 7 year legacy to deliver a packed week of cantorial singing and learning. To find out more about the role of the cantor in the culture and the convention itself, we interviewed Stephen Leas of Central Synagogue, London.

Every June, SOAS Music department runs an annual summer school and this year Ilana Cravitz will be teaching all about Klezmer Music. She joins us in the studio to explain more about the rich heritage and what to look forward to on the course itself.

As well as all the music in-between and throughout, even Geoff Berner joins us on the phone from Canada to tell us what we can expect to see and hear at his concert next month at The Jamboree.

A lot to listen to and a lot to enjoy in this month’s JMI Radio show.


Africa Bulgar – David Krakauer
Roza – Mor Karbasi

El Gusto Feature:
Sobhan Allah ya Latif – Orchestre El Gusto
Yaraya – Orchestre El Gusto
Min Yaati Kalbou Lil Melah – Orchestre El Gusto
Kidjet Daltek – Orchestre El Gusto
El Haraz – Orchestre El Gusto
Medley: Je suis pied noir / El Hmam / Ili Hab Yelaab Sport – Orchestre El Gusto
Ebnat El Youm – Orchestre El Gusto
Duo Rabbin / Muezzin – Orchestre El Gusto
Chihlet L’Ayani – Orchestre El Gusto

Shoshan Katan – Shye Ben-Tzur

Songlines Encounters Festival Feature:
Ala Rimsh Ayouna – Guy Schalom & Baladi Blues
Rannet Khol Khali – Guy Schalom & Baladi Blues (Feat. Frank London)
Amenti Bellah – Laure Daccache
Alf Leila Wi Leila – Guy Schalom & Baladi Blues
Gams – Malick Pathe Sow + Bao Sissoko
Ya Ma Daget – Guy Schalom
Uskudar – She’koyokh Klezmer Ensemble
Blues De Roulailleuse – Sarah Savoy & The Francadians

Michael Haas Feature:
Les Fuilles Mortes – Joseph Kosma
Along the Santa Fe Trail – Wilhem Grosz
Stille Der Nacht – Julius B?rger
Cabaret Lavender (sung by Ute Lemper) – Misha Spoliansky
Legend – Julius B?rger

Golden Peacock Feature:
Skrip, klezmerl, skripe – Shura Lipovsky
Dushinke Mayne – Shura Lipovsky
Leyg Dayn Kop – Shura Lipovsky
El Rey Que Muncho Madruga – Shura Lipovsky
Nigun – Shura Lipovsky

Cantors Convention Feature:
Avram Avinu – The Sons of Sepharad
Ki Lekach Tov – Moshe Haschel
Yiddish Melody – David Propis, Meir Finkelstein and Alberto Mizrahi
Adom Olam – Central East Synagogue

SOAS Summer School Feature:
Gaia Ratchenitsa – London Klezmer Quartet
Shiksa Terkisher Tants – London Klezmer Quartet
Ahavo Rabo – London Klezmer Quartet

Geoff Berner – Victory Party
Municipale Balcancia – Hava Nagila (Beam Up Mix)