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Jewish Music Institute October Show Tue, 2013-10-01 18:57

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Welcome to the October edition of the JMI radio show.

In this show we bring you a veritable feast of musical delights to
look forward to, both in the next 2 hours and also in the next month.

October brings with it the first month of JW3 opening and JMI is
involved in 2 great weekly sessions for all ages.
A little later in the show we will hear from Monooka all about the new
mother and toddler music session called Monooka and friends and also
from Polina Shepherd who is leading Zingt! The People?s Chorus.

Jonah and the wailers returns for another great session on Sunday 20th
October at the Jewish Museum and we interview Saul, Susi and Vanessa
to find out more about what has proved to be a runaway success, with
this its 3rd programming.

Balkan beat box?s Ori Kaplan tells us more about their forthcoming UK
Tour, and we begin this new year and reflect back and look forward
with our chair of the board Jen Jankel and our artistic director
Sophie Solomon.

That?s all to come in this month?s JMI radio show.

Violin Concerto in E minor – Mendelssohn
Lion of Judea – Mark Eliyahu
Hello Shalom – Monooka and Friends
Nu-i lumina nicari – Monooka’s Caravan
A nigundl – Polina Shepherd
Oy, a Shuster Darf Ikh Nisht – Polina Shepherd
Der Heyliker Balshemtov – Polina Shepherd
A Yiddishe Honga – Ot Azoj Klezmer Band
Junk Orchestra 1 – Saul Eisenberg
Junk Orchestra 2 – Saul Eisenberg
Junk Orchestra 3 – Saul Eisenberg
Junk Orchestra 4 – Saul Eisenberg
Russian Shers – She’koyokh
Hermetico – Balkan Beat Box
Enemy in Economy – Balkan Beat Box
Gross- Balkan Beat Box
Digital Monkey – Balkan Beat Box
Balcumbia – Balkan Beat Box
Rhapsody in Blue – George Gershwin
In The Mood – Joe Loss
Hey little hen – Joe Loss
Mi Korazon – Yasmin Levy
Ay ke Buena – Mor Karbasi
Nani Nani – Yasmin Levy
Meditation on Dvoraks Slavonic Fantasy – Sophie Solomon
Trio for Viola, Violin and Cello – Gideon Klein / The Hague Strings
Ale Brider – The Klezmatics
Chant to the observer in sunset – Mark Eliyahu