Jewish Music Institute January Show Wed, 2014-01-08 16:37

2014 has arrived and with it comes JMI’s 30th year, Lorin Sklamberg of The Klezmatics and Yivo, joins JMI in interview to discuss his work, his inspirations, his aspirations and his contribution to this forthcoming commission by JMI. Drawing Life, a Jewish Music Institute (JMI) production composed by Jocelyn Pook, is inspired by a collection of poems and drawings made by children imprisoned in Terezin. Tonight will be the preview performance of a powerful new classical work commissioned by JMI to mark the 70th anniversary of the commencement of the camp’s liquidation by the Nazis. The song cycle with live music and video will be followed by a discussion of the work’s genesis and ideas. This is a new commission by the Jewish Music Institute. Supported by Arts Council England, PRS for Music Foundation and private donors. Winner of the Performing Rights Society David Bedford Award for Musical Education. Joe Loss Lecture Series 2: Dr Alex Knapp ? Chinese Jews, aspects of their history and their music Dr Alexander Knapp was the first to hold the post of Joe Loss Lecturer at City University (1992-1999) and at SOAS (1999-2006). A recognised academic composer and pianist, he has lectured for over 40 years on the subject of Jewish Music. In this lecture preview Dr Alex Knapp illuminates a fascinating area of ethnomusicological research with his study and findings on the Jews of China. (You Tai Ren) These Ethnically Chinese Jews lived and thrived in their peak in 12th century Kaifeng, with some scholarly research citing them as being present in Chinese society as early early as the 2nd temple period. The full lecture will take place at SOAS Vernon Square campus. Plus we bring you lots of exciting music from the spectrum of Jewish Music World Wide.

Ani Ashir Bezimra – By Orchestre Andalou D’Israel with Lior Elmaleh
Shalom Aleichem And Kiddush – By Ochil Ibragimov (Bukhara: Musical Crossroads Of Asia)
Ghairi Khudo Yar Nadoram (We Have No Friend But God) By Shashmaqam (Music Of The Bukharan Jewish Ensemble)
Yalli – By Shashmaqam (Music Of The Bukharan Jewish Ensemble)
M’rosh Purim Song in the Persian Jewish Tradition – By Chinese Jews recording courtesy of Dr Alexander Knapp
Kashgarchi Tuichi: central asian song – By Chinese Jews recording courtesy of Dr Alexander Knapp
Shashmaqam (Music Of The Bukharan Jewish Ensemble) – By Talqin-i Bayat
Hallelujah (extended mix)- By Jocelyn Pook
Ershter Vals – By The Klezmatics
Man in a hat – By The Klezmatics
The Hag with the Money – By Lorin Sklamberg & Susan McKeown
Forever without End (Solo Voices) – By Jocelyn Pook
Chant En Modus Mizmoum / Toualti Lajba (feat. Emile Zrihan)- By Israeli Andalusian Orchestra
1000 Nights (feat. Ravid Kahalani) – Soulico & Ravid Kalahani