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I'VE GOT MY PERIOD EP02 - Period Activism Fri, 2018-01-19 19:49

welcome to our second episode of I’ve got my period for SOAS radio!
making this show has taken us on a journey around the world of period activism and introduced us to inspiring people who are breaking taboos that are seriously harming our physical and mental health! be it Amika George who put on the #freeperiods march last december, Gabby Edlin who founded Bloody Good Period, an organisation that collects and distributes donated pads to refugees and asylum seekers, or Shawnee Arroz who strives to normalize, encourage, and empower the relationship we have to our moon cycle through her instagram #MyMoonSeries. connecting with these people has given us much strength for the new year to continue speaking out and defend our own & community’s rights to healthy minds and bodies!
Also big thank you to Selma Klima who has put together the music for this show, and Shawnee Arroz, who spoke to us about social media’s role in shaping the way we perceive beauty and life and how she is fighting for a healthy perception of our flows and bodies.
PS: we’re very sorry about the poor sound quality of the phone interview with Shawnee (please listen with headphones!)
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