Hackney GlobeTrotter Episode 14 Mon, 2009-11-09 13:55

As always the music goes in all directions. Plenty from the latin quarters, killer old afro cuban with Hifi Cuban Drums, Colombian reggaeton, the cumbia mix up, forro house old school boogaloo and broken latin salsa remix from yours truly and Latin Dub SS. There are also a few raver selections including some gypsy inspired beats courstey of Gypsy Kings, a track from the the new Schtaltof Bronx album, Arabic banger from Sammin, some tropical funk, dubstep from TC and some classic, nu school soul from the new excellent Mayer Hawthorne album.

1. DJ Intro

2. Bombshell Baby Of Bollywood Iqbal Singh, Bombshell Baby Of Bombay

3.Where’s My Money (Caspa Remix) 1 TC Where’s My Money, (Caspa Remix) / Tron

4.Yenguele Maria, Grupo Afro Cubano Hi Fi Cuban Drums,

5.Macedo’s Boogaloo , La Sonora De Lucho Macedo !Gozalo! Bugalu Tropical Vol.3

6.Reggaeson Son Son , 3 Pesos, En Colombia Tambien Sabemos Hacer

7.Le Ry-co Jazz, Dima Bolane, TUMB?L?! Biguine, afro & latin sounds from the French Caribbean, 1963-74

8.Samber Natema

9.Tiramakossa, Noite e Dia, Akwaaba sem transporte

10.Farafina (Farafina feat. Ete Kelly) Schlachthofbronx

11.Malente & Dex, Gipsy Kings feat. Analogik 2, Lions

12. Arabrising – bustadollar by samim

13.Gota (El Hijo de la Cumbia Remix) Sekret

14.Manita Uribe, Toto La momposina, La Bodega

15.La cumbia del pasoncito, Afrodita La Reina del Palenke

16.Should I Stay Or Should I Go Los Fabulosos Cadillacs La Luz Del Ritmo

17.AL SONfull mix Zulu 9.30

18.Black Water Gold The Blue Rhythm Combo Tropical Funk Experience Latin

19.Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out Mayer Hawthorne A Strange Arrangement