Hackney Globetrotter 95 Fri, 2012-05-18 23:23

All brand new for todays outing. No re-issues all fresh biscuits and from all around the world taking in Brazil, Jamaica, Sernia, Peru, Bombay, Ethiopia, Colombia, USA, UK Nigeria and more.

1.Wotuka, Les Baxter Tamboo!

2.Leave-Taking, Rocket Juice & The Moon, Rocket Juice & The Moon, Honest Jons

3.Rebel, Tarrus Riley, Skateland Killer Riddim, International

4.Do You Love , Jstar

5.Big Cat, Quakers, Quakers,

6.Dacoit’s Choice, The Bombay Royale, You Me Bullets Love ,

7.Abet Abet (Punt Mix), Samuel Yirga, Guzo, Real World Records

8.?ljivovica, Boban i Marko Markovi? Orkesta,r Golden Horns, Piranha Records

9.? da Nossa Cor feat. Mestre Camalea Maga B, Quilombo do Futuro

10.Kaboh, TwoManTing Legacy, Two man Ting Records

11.Ya Be Ma’e, Ben Zabo, Ben Zabo

12.Boliguay Express (feat. Gabriel Navia), Bondi Blaster, !Lo Juimo!

13.Number 17, Chicha Libre , Canibalismo –

14.Me Gusto feat Carlos Perez (Original Mix), Silver Bullit, Koloko EP, Urban World Records

15.Vamos a Comer, Makala, Unexpected Tapas

16. And The Beat Goes On (Radio Edit), Prince Fatty featuring Hollie Cook, Mr Bongo Records