Hackney Globetrotter 46 Sat, 2011-03-26 18:02

World wide selection as ever and crossing all musical boundaries:
Raver merengue, SA jazz, original latin garage punk, cumbia, highlife,
grime and much much more.

1.Cumbia A Go-Go , Guilermo Gonzalez
2. 96 Tears, ? & The Mysterians , Original Greatest Hits- Cameo Parkway, Ace
3.Emakhaya, The Heshoo Beshoo Group, Next Stop … Soweto Vol. 3:
Giants, Ministers and Makers, Strut
4.Candombl?, Baden Powell, Bossa Nova And The Story Of Elenco
Records, Soul Jazz
Melt Down Selection
6.King Tubby Meets the Rockers, Ernest Ranglin Below the Bassline, Island
7.Have You Met Martina (instrumental) – Michael Leonhart & The Michael
Leonhart & The Avr… Seahorse & The Storyteller Instrumentals &
Echoes Of Avramin, Truth and Soul
8.Nuestra Obra Maestra Sonora, SIempre Fresco EP , http://sonora.bandcamp.com
9.Love Cumbia, Little-B feat. Originalkose,
10.Cumbia Calling (TBCO Remix), Mar?a Sonora,
11.Tangos Del Cachito, Watcha Clan, Radio Babel, Piranha
12.Nabed Nade El Piny Ka , Owiny Sigoma Band, Brownswood
13.Je Ne Bois Pas Beaucoup, Les Ya Toupas Du Zaire Sofrito: Tropical
Discotheque Traditional, Strut
14.The African Government, Mr Raoul K, [via xlr8r.com]
15. 19 Gangsters (Mike B SkaMore Edit), The Specials
16. La Ravertona, Toy Selectah Mex Machine, Mad Decent
17. Pass Out, Tinie Tempah, (Wrongtom’s Resuscitation – edit)_