Hackney Globe Trotter 81 Thu, 2012-01-26 16:28

HGT radio is ‘Uptown Top Ranking’ in a dubbed out style and fashion for another show of Otherworldly beats, grooves and songs. Including new music from Prince fatty, The Pyramids, Dub Colossus Makina del Karibe, Joyce and more. A one hour round the world from Hackney and back musical odyssey.


1.Transistor Cowboy, Prince Fatty Meets The Mutant Hi-Fi, Return Of The Gringo!, Mr Bongo.
2.Uptown top ranking (negus dub), Dub Colossus,Real World
3.Memory Ritual, The Pyramids, Otherworldly,
4.Adeus, Am?rica, Joyce, Rio, Farout Recordings
5.TRADIZAO (dj rebel remix), Gabriela Mendes
6.Cumbia de la Revolucion Cumbia, AlboRosie
7.Bad ina dance,Dreadsquad & Ranking Diximal. MT-41 Riddim, www.dreadsquad.com
8.Alam Maya, Jalan Surabaya, Alam Maya EP, (Indonesian hip hop)
9.Fiyah Bomb, Miss Bolivia
10.El Macho (Ben Tactic Moombahton Edit), Mastiksoul
11.Better Go Run (Cafe de Calaveras 3Balkan rmix), Al Jawala
12.Maki-Man (Daniel Haaksman Ghetto Remix), Makina del Karibe, Kosmik Chankleta EP, www.chusmarecords.com
13.Bucovina en Baranquilla (Danochilango Remix), P18 Live Machine EP, Rebel Sounds 2011
14.Viva Panama, Papi Brandao y sus Ejecutivos, http://caniculetropicale.com/
15. It’s Getting Late ,Voices of Jordan, Screaming Gospel Holy Rollers Vol 2