Hackney Globe Trotter 176 Thu, 2015-12-03 18:15

Hackney Globe Trotter 176

Hackney Globe Trotter Radio show 176. As Rodigan would say ?Deep and Heavy? and a bit ethereal too. From Ethiopian jazz to Cuban ballads with some drum n bass, UK garage, South African Shangan electro, lost Ghanian funk, Kenyan trance and a whole lot more. An international out of this world mixed bag of cultural delights.

1. Starlet Road Filling Station Romance, The Polyversal Souls, Invisible Joy, Philophon Records

2. Sensuous 2, Chanan Hanspal, A Little Something Radio 2 : London Sessions. Here and Now Records

3. Masters of War, Vieux Farka Tour? & Julia Easterlin, Touristes, Six Degrees Records

4. Daym? Arocena , Come To Me, Nueva Era, Brownswood Records

5. Perform And Done, Morgan Heritage, Strictly Roots,

6. Simplify (Rootickal Re Twist) feat Scratch Professer, Omar. Freestyle Records

7. Gas Line, Rim Kwaku Obeng, Rim Arrives / International Funk. BBE Records

8. Mitshetsho, Nozinja, Nozinja Lodge. Warp Records

9. Mil Vidas, Bixiga 70, III, Glitterbeat Records

10. Luo Land, Owiny Sigoma Band, Nyanza. Brownswood Redcords

11. Neon Baby, The Comet Is Coming, Prophecy. Band camp

12. Carnival Madness (Bumps Future Uk Mix), Club Popozuda . Club Popozuda Recordings

13. ADIOS FULANA, Toto La Momposina, TAMBOLERO, Real World Records

14. Serious Signs, AMJ Records.