Hackney Globe Trotter 166 Thu, 2015-03-19 17:56

From Cumbia to Afro-pop circa 1990 it is all in the bag. We travel to Ghana, Bristol, LA, Brighton, Jamaica, Bolivia, USA and beyond and it is always a pleasure.

Track List:

1. You Can Win, BILEO, Aota Records

2. Solemn Solitude, Seeds of Fulfillment, Praise Poems, Tramp Records

3. No No No, Boogaloo Assassins, Old Love Dies Hard, Fania

4. Te Quiero, DJ INKO, Carnibal 012

5. Tarpuricusum Sarata (King Coya Remix), Luzmila Carpio, Luzmila Carpio Meets ZZK. ZZK records

6. Ginger Baker in Africa, Snide Rhythms, 2nd Difficult Album,

7. Talking Drum, Ginger Johnson and His African Messengers, I Jool Omo, Freestyle Records

8. I Kanafo, Baba Commandant And The Mandingo Band, Juguya, Subliminal Frequencies

9. Hey, Don’t Make Trouble, Auntie Flo, Hey Don’t Make Trouble (It’s the Woman of Your Boss), Permanent Vacation Germany

10. Obaa Sima, ATA KAK, Obaa Sima, Awesome Tapes

11. Serious Time (feat YT – Run Tingz Cru/Breakah remix), MUNGOS HI FI, Serious Time Remixes Volume 2, Rung Tinz Records

12. Spark It feat. Shinehead (Ghost Writerz Remix), Quantic, Spark It, Tru Thughts

13. What Colour?, Carroll Thompson, Hopelessly in Love(1981).