Hackney Globe Trotter 161 Tue, 2015-02-10 18:50

HGT radio show 161.
Celebrating beatuiful music from all quarters. Taking in Ethiopia, Brazil, the Americas, South Africa, United Kingdom, Spain and beyond. Funky, beats, afro and latino all in the mix.


1. Gimmi di vapor (original mix), Dreadsquad feat Million Stylez & Richie Riott, www.dreadsquad.com

2. Birtukane, Hailu Mergia & The Walias, Tche Belew, Awesome Tapes of Africa

3. Zota Yinne (feat. Guy One, Alogte Oho Jonas and his Sounds of Joy, Roy X & The Sahel Souls), Alogte Oho Jonas and His Sounds of Joy, Introducing Philophon Records (feat. Guy One, Alogte Oho Jonas and his Sounds of Joy & Roy X) – EP

4. P? De Breque, Criolo, Convoque Seu Buda, Sterns Records

5. Oti Nikan, Asani, The Rough Guide To Native America, Rough Guide Records

6. America, the Beautiful (produced by Jonwayne), Homeboy Sandman, Hallways.

7. Five Foot Three Blues, Sonny Blair, Lady Luck Volume 3

8. Nuttville, Buddy Rich, The Very Best of Buddy Rich on Groove Merchant

9. khomo-Ko, The Actions, Next Stop Soweto presents Zulu Rock, Afro-Disco and Mbaqanga 1975-1985, Strut Records

10. Your Love (You Give Me Fever), Romare, Love Songs, Pt. 1

11. Deixa (Drumagick’s Sun n Bass Remix), Da Lata, Refab

12. No Common Number (DJ Farrapo Remix), The Fontanas, Movimientos Records

13. Matuto, Russo Passapusso, Para?so da Miragem

14. Nuestro Ayer, Rabbit Rumba, Gipsy Rhumba: The Original Rhythm of Gipsy Rhumba in Spain 1

15. I Kana Korte, Samba Tour?, Gandadiko. Glitterbeat