Hackney Globe Trotter 158 Thu, 2014-11-20 17:07

HGT Radio 158. ?Taking Charge? of the airwaves to coin the name of the first track from the excellent Horseman album . One hour of global, tropical, psychedelic, funky, vintage, electronic and upfront music for your listening pleasure.


1. Take Charge, Horseman, Dawn of the Dread, Horseman, Mr Bongo

2. Walter’s Call, Swindle, Brownswood Records

3. Oya, Met? Met?, MetaL MetaL, Mais Um Discos

4. Iridium, Dodo, The Android’s Dream.

5. Elephant, The Sorcerers, Funk, Soul And Afro Rarities : An Introduction To ATA Records, Now and Then Recs

6. Thunder Into Our Hearts, Jabula, Next Stop Soweto presents Spirit Of Malombo: Malombo, Jabula, Jazz Afrika 1966-1984, Strut Records

7. Matinda Comono 2:45 (Pachanga), Verckys Et L’Orchestre V?V?, Congolese Funk, Afrobeat And Psychedelic Rumba 1969 – 1978, Analoug Africa

8. La Reina del Guaguanc? (with Orquesta Sensaci?n), Abelardo Barroso, Cha Cha Cha (with Orquesta Sensacion), World Circuit

9. All Night Long, Four Blazes, Jukebox Mambo 2, Jazz Man Records

10. Para Pello, Manteca, OYE,

11. Telegraph Avenue – Sungaligali, Peru Bravo, Strut/Tiger Milk Records

12. Tamba Tamba, Nairobi Matata Jazz, Kenya Special (Selected East African Recordings From The 1970s & ?80s), Soundway

13. Kwang Noi Chaolay, The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band, 21st Century Molam, www.zudrangmarecords.com

14. Juana rosa manzano, LOS CORRALEROS DE MAJAGUAL, The AfroSound Of Columbia vol 2, Vampi Soul

15. Um-Passo, Moreno-Veloso, FRENTE