Hackney Globe Trotter 154 Wed, 2014-10-29 11:22

For the joy of music, that is what today?s show is all about. A truly wide spread of musicals styles from all regions. News music from Flying Lotus, Aurelio, Goat, and Fuma?a Preta to name a few and some classics com ing straight out of Peru, Jamaica, Brazil and Cameroon.


1. Ali Baba, John Holt.
2. Seven Nation Army Dub feat. Dennis Alcapone, Prince Fatty Meets Nostalgia 77, Medicine Chest Dub / Seven Nation Army Dub feat. Dennis Alcapone
3. Sananaru, Aurelio , L?ndini, Real World
4. Obligatory Cadence, Flying Lotus, You’re Dead!.
5. CHAPTER 02: Big Bang Reincarnation, Heliocentrics & Melvin Van Peebles.The Last Transmission.
6. Love Pistol, Queens D. Light, Soundcloud.
7. Hide from the Sun, Goat, Commune.
8. Recitando A Toa, Fuma?a Preta, Fuma?a Preta, Soundway
9. Sabata, Los Belking?s, Peru Bravo, Tigers Milk/Strut Records
10. Sepiterna, Petrona Martinez,
11. Guarare, El Freaky, De Best of De Best vol.1.
12. Mwala Boyz bring home da bass, DJ MACKBOOGALOO. Soundcloud free download
13. Agatha, Francis Bebey, African Electronic Music 1975 – 1982.
14. Tributo (DJ Edit), Don Pascal, The Cali Experiment
15. Samba Rhyming, Fab Samperi, The Rio District Vol 1
16. Just Can’t Win, Lee Fields & The Expressions, Emma Jean, Truth and Soul Records