Hackney Globe Trotter 125 Sat, 2013-04-20 19:31

Spring has finally arrived in London and UK and it is time for some music to lift the spirit and spread the tropical vibes. There is new music from Omar, Kobo Town, Super Spanish Combo, reissues from Ebo Taylor, Nico Gomez and trips to Bollywood, Nigeria, Colombia and beyond..

1. Mau Mau Warrior, Fred Locks, Rasta Man Chant

2. The Man, Omar, The Man – EP, Freestyle Recs

3. Churn the Butter, Eddie Buster Band, Movements Vol.5.

4. Jessica, Roy Porter Sound Machine, Kev Beadle presents Private Collection, BBE records

5. Mahindra Death Ride, The Bombay Royale, You Me Bullets Love (PROMO),

6. Victory, Ebo Taylor, Uhuru Yenzu, Conflict, Mr Bongo

7. Lupita, Nico Gomez And His Afro Percussion Inc., Ritual. Mr Bongo

8. Serve & Protect, The Souljazz Orchestra, Solidarity,

9. Tocate esta, Makina kandela

10. Bocanegra, Sonido Gallo Negro, Cumbia Salvaje

11. Cumbia de las Luchas (feat. Karim de Syncop), Boogat, El Dorado Sunset

12. Crudo, Super Spanish Combo, LLego el Combo

13. Kaiso Newscast, Kobo Town, Jumbie In The Jukebox,

14. Gonna Cut You With The Razor, Talbot Brothers, Calypsos

16. Samba, Cachaca E Viola, Samba Chula De Salo Braz, The Rough Guide To Samba