Hackney Globe Trotter 120 Fri, 2013-03-01 14:43

From soulful classics to folkloric cumbia valenato with a sprinkling of afro beat, jazz, funk and beyond it is all in the mix.

1. Speak No Evil, Wayne Shorter, Speak No Evil, Blue Note Recordings
2. Places And Spaces, Donald Byrd, Places And Spaces, Blue Note Recordings
3. Walk In The Night, Good Times 3, BBE
4. All My Life, Fluorescent Smogg, Soul Spectrum Records, Vol. 1, Jazzman Records
5. Vanguard, Jose james, No Beginning No End, Blue Note Records
6. Zloto stu slonc, Grupa Bluesowa Stodola, Eastern Bloc Funk Experience, nascente
7. Serve & Protect, The Souljazz Orchestra, Solidarity, Strut Records
8. El Rapidol, Very Be Careful, ?Remember Me From The Party?, Downtown Pijao Recordings
9. El Moreno de la Plata (Huila), ROMPERAYO, El Original de Teusaquillo, m?sica para ambientar
10. Cumbia Piu-Piu (Pa Kongal RMX), Rafael Aragon, Cumbia Piu-Pi? EP
11. Elektrokumbia (feat. Ricky Ricky), Doble R feat. Ricky Rick, ElektroKumbia (feat. Ricky Rick)
12. Barika, Di?n?ba Seck, Manghoya Foura