Gugak Sounds S4 E2 Sun, 2016-10-30 12:57

In this second episode I will be reviewing the album by the folk traditional group called second moon and their new album Pansori-Chunhyangga 판소리 춘향가 . Join Anna and I as we review 5 of the most captivating and interesting tracks on this album.


  1. 얼음연못
  2. 적성가 (Feat. 김준수)
  3. 사랑가 (Feat. 고영열)
  4. 이별가 (feat. 이봉근)
  5. 어사상봉 (feat. 김준수)
  6. 어사출도 (feat. 김준수)
  7. Ee- odo Sana – by Seum
  8. 더질더질 (Feat. 김준수, 고영열)


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