Gugak Sounds S4 E1 Sun, 2016-10-23 12:56

In this episode join me as I tour through my 4 months of summer holiday through music. I will be talking about things I learnt and concerts attended as well as my plan for the year ahead.

Track 1  Bulsechul – Pungryu City

Track 2 Ensemble Geomungo – Praying

Track 3 Wee by Gugak Fm

Track 4 Youn Sun Nah – Kangwondo Arirang

Track 5 Ensemble Sinawi – Voyage of time

Track 6 Park bum soon -bibiri chum

Track 7 Jambinai – Time of extinction

Track 8 Dongyangbanjjigwang by asian charishot

Track 9 from the drama series Mushin (soldier) – the weeping sword