Gugak Sounds S2 Episode 5 SANJO Part 3 Fri, 2015-11-13 15:31

Gugak Sounds S2 Episode 5

Episode 5 Sanjo Part 3
In this episode I will be looking at modern music influenced by Sanjo. I will also be branching in to some classical music comparing it to Sanjo. Join me and my new guest and friend Scharlie as we explore the modern type of music and give our opinions on each track.

1. Kim Ji Hi ? Sanjo Ecstasy
2. Byung Gi Hwang – ?? ???
Byuun Ki Hwang – ???
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3. Paul Yeon Lee ? Flute Sanjo
4. Zoltan Kodaly ? Cello Sonata
Full music Watch:
5. Kim Young Jae – Pul ip
6. Kwak So Eun
7. Arirang Sanjo Trio