Gugak Sounds S2 Episode 2 BULSECHUL TASTER Mon, 2015-10-19 20:57

Gugak Sounds Series 2 Episode 2 BULSECHUL ENSEMBLE TASTER

In this episode I will be exploring one of my favourite gugak groups Bulsechul Ensemble. I will be going through their min album and talking about why this group is very dear to me. Going me as i explore their mini album in this taster episode before I go on to explore their worldwide mini album.

In Bulsechul?s words

?Bulsechul?s excellence rarely seen in the world. Composed of current and Alumni?s of the Korean National University of Arts who are faithful to the style of traditional music but also pursues Korean Music which appeals to the sentiment of the modern people?

Track List for Episode 2 ( Bulsechul Taster

Track 1 Taseureom

Track 2 Shirusil 1 – ???1

Track 3 Bong Deaki Taeryoung – ?????

Track 4 Shirusil 3 – ??? 3

Track 5 Divine song – ???

Track 6 Shwim – ?

Track 7 Soyoyu – ???

Track 8 Ryong Kang Gi Na Ri – ??? ??

Track 9 Flowing City – ?? ??

If you are interested in any of the music played please email me at so i can ask the group. Also please if you have any question for the group email before Friday (using the same email address above). Thanks.