Gugak Sounds S2 Episode 1 SINAWI Thu, 2015-10-15 13:21

Gugak Sounds Series 2 Episode 1 SINAWI

Episode 1 SINAWI

This is a recording of the first live episode held on Sunday the 11th of October. For those who were unable to listen or missed the show. In this episode, I will be diving into the folk music world exploring the greatest improvisory genre SINAWI. Follow me as I explore the various types of Sinawi from various regions as well as new types of the Sinawi genre. Although a relatively interesting new genre (about 50 years old), Sinawi has gone on to take its place amongst the most popular genres of Korean traditional music.

Track list
Track 1 Bulsechul ? Poong ryu City
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Track 2 Ensemble Sinawi ? Cadenza for the soul

Track 3 Sinawi Kkutkori
Track 4 Sinawi Jajinmori
Track 5 Eotmori
Track 6 Dongsalpuri
Track 7 Namdo Sinawi
Track 8 Gyeongi Sianwi
Track 9 Samhyeon Taryeon
Track 10 Neurin heotun Taryeong
Track 11 Jajin Taryeong
Track 12 Jungga Taryeong
Track 13 Piri Sinawi
Track 14 Cho Kap Yong- Taepyeongso Sinawi
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Track 15 Ensemble Sinawi ? Cadenza for the soul