Gugak Sounds S2 E22 Minyo Part 3 Mon, 2016-03-21 17:29

In this episode I will be diving into the future or rather would I say songs that have been influenced by Minyo. In the first half of the show I will be covering music from 3 different genres: Hip-hop, Rap, and Jazz. In the second part I will be discussing music from on of the most popular Minyo singers Song So Hee. I will be going through her new album and playing some music from her live performances.

Track list

Niliria ? G-dragon

Arario ? Top dogg

Jonseong Arirang ? Na Yoon Seon

Kunbam funky taryeong ?Song So Hee

Niliriya – Song So Hee

Maehwa hyang Gi – Song So Hee
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Kunbam taryeong live ?Song So Hee

Niliriya live – Song So Hee

Shingosan taryeong – Song So Hee
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Binari ? Song So Hee featuring pianist Lang Lang