Gugak Sounds S2 E16 Dulsori Part 2 Thu, 2016-02-18 16:27

This episode is a review of Dulsori?s new album called ??. This program is a review of Dulsori?s album making it a special one and almost 8 years since they last released an album. Join me in enjoying the great new sound of Dulsori as we also reminisce by playing some tracks from their past album. This is coinciding with our current shows on Pungmul the old and moving on to the new which is Samulnori.
So please enjoy the new sounds of Dulsori!!!!

All music played is owned by Dulsori, If you would like to purchase any of their albums please contact me at or the manager;
Jeung Hyun Choi at
Dulsori UK LTD
2B Church Hill Road Surrey SM3 8LF