Gugak Sounds Episode 7 Fri, 2015-03-06 20:40


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Hi everyone,

Hope you are having a lovely time welcoming the spring. This episode is a recording of the live interview which was held on Friday the 27th of February with the wonderful Professor Andrew Killick on the topic: Hwang ByungKi ? The master Gayageum player.

About Professor Killick I came to Sheffield in 2003 after working my way east around the world. My BMus at Edinburgh was followed by a winter in India studying dhrupad singing, then an MA at the University of Hawaii and a PhD at the University of Washington, both with periods of fieldwork in Korea. I taught at Illinois State and then Florida State before completing the circle back to my native Yorkshire. So far, my main research area has been the music of Korea, as seen most recently in my book Hwang Byungki: Traditional Music and the Contemporary Composer in the Republic of Korea (Ashgate, 2013). Altogether I?ve published about 30 articles on Korean music topics in edited books and in journals like Ethnomusicology, Asian Music and Korean Studies. In partnership with my wife Cho Sukyeon, who teaches Korean in the university?s School of East Asian Studies, I?ve also published a translations of modern Korean literature, including Lee Ho-Chul?s novel of the Korean War, Southerners, Northerners (EastBridge, 2005).

Professor Andrew Killick?s Book on Hwang ByungKi Hwang Byungki: Traditional Music and the Contemporary Composer in the Republic of Korea Buy:

Program Playlist Hwang Byung Ki Album Chimhyangmoo (???): 1. Chimhangmoo part 1 2. Sup – ? (Forest) Part 3 ? rain 3. Bom – ? (spring) Part 1 4. Chimhyangmoo ? ???- part 2 Buy:

Album Bidamgil -???(The Silk Road) 1. Bidamgil – ??? ? Part 1 2. Aibogae – ???? (Child minder) ?Part 1 and 2 Buy:

Album Mikong ? ??-(Larybinth) 1. Mikong Buy: Watch:

Album Chunsol ? ??- (Spring Snow) 1. Pam Sori (Sound of the night) ? part 2 Album Darha Nopigom – ?? ??? 1. Sigaetap – ??? (Clock tower) part 3 2. Hwimori Buy:

Closing track Chimhyangmoo ? ???-part 3

For more on Hwang ByungKi Website: