Gugak Sounds Episode 10 : Pungryu Fri, 2015-10-02 19:34

Gugak Sounds Episode 10

Join me in this episode as I explore the literati’s music called Pungryu. In this episode i will go into detail as to how this genre came about, The various culture/religion behind it and most of all the people who made it possible and kept it alive.
This would be the last episode is series on as I now go on to series two focusing mainly on folk music.

Track list
Opening Track The list is on – Setaryeong
listen/ Watch
Ujo Garak Dodeuri
Gemyongjo Garak Dodeuri
Yeongsang Heosang

Choennyon Manse

Artist of the week Baraji – ?????(Ssitgim Sinawi, Instrumental Ensemble for the Departed)

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