Ghetto Lounge Episode 32 Wed, 2013-05-15 17:20

Ghetto Lounge Radio Show May 2013
It?s that time again.. Ghetto Lounge?s monthly search continues! Enjoy the quality selection of Soulful, Jazzy and Funky tunes.



T1. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigaters_Light Years Ahead
T2. Afrik Bawantu_Life On The Streets
T3. Johnny Hawkworth_Jazz Rule
T4. Kamal & The Brothers_Brotherhood
T5. Richie Havens_Going Back To My Roots
T6. Third World_No That We Found Love (John Morales Mix)
T7. Omar_The Man
T8. Tall Black Guy_The Dark Streets
T9. Frameworks_Breaks My Heart feat Kathrin DeBoer
T10. Lady_Money