Ghetto Lounge Episode 3 Mon, 2010-04-26 02:00

In this month’s Ghetto Lounge DJ Koichi delivers rare spiritual gems from Iran, Ghana and Senegal, as well as new materials from Nostalgia 77’s new project Skeltons, South London’s Yaaba Funk and Japanese Jazz producer Sunaga T Experience.

Track 1: Mehrpouya_Soul Raga

Track 2: Ben Baddoo_Kpanlogo

Track3: Mor Thiam_Ayo Ayo Nene

Track4: Skeltons_Skeltons

Track5: Perceptions feat Fred Wesley_Running the Risk

Track6: Yaaba Funk_Me Nye Me Dofo

Track7: Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra_Crosstown Traffic

Track8: The Bermuda Love Triangle feat. The Caribbean Disco Funk All Stars_Funky Tropical

Track9: Guynamukat _Enjoy Your Life

Track10: Baker Brothers feat. Vanessa Freeman_Family Tree

Track11: Sunaga T Experience feat The Five Corners Quintet_A Kite

Track12: Jazzmatazz_No Time to Play