Ghetto Lounge Episode 2 Sat, 2010-03-27 11:07

In his second installment on OpenAir.FM, DJ Koichi delivers the quality vintage sound from around the world, as well as the freshest new tunes from the London underground scene. Musical inclusion from TY’s latest album, Afrobeat Vibration’s Dele Sosimi, Awale and Sofrito, plus introducing his own remix project with Kay Susuki Afrobuddha.

Track 1: TY_Emotions

Track 2: Awale_ Afronine

Track3: Dele Sosimi_ Wahala (Identity mix)

Track4: Sofrito_Les Noir (Natural Self remix)

Track5: Dave Bartholomew_Shrimp and Gumbo

Track6: Le Ryco Jazz_Dima Bolane (Tumbele)

Track7: Combo Boogaloo_Estrada Do Desejo

Track8: Karl Hector & The Malcouns_J.B Rip

Track9: Brownout_C-130

Track10: Kakatsitsi Drummers_Obame (Afrobuddha remix)

Track11: Portico Quartet_Paper Scissors Stone

Track12: 24 Carat_Caf? Bahia

Track13: Webber Sisters_My World