Furniture Music S02E08 Hosono Special w/ Tomokazu Hayashi Sun, 2016-12-18 13:49

After the detailed lecture he gave on the topic at the Highbury Arts Club in November, Tomokazu Hayashi joined Furniture Music for a special episode about the work of Japanese music legend Haruomi Hosono. He selects and introduces us to some of the best Hosono electronic tunes.

1) Strange Love
2) 薔薇と野獣 (Bara to Yajū / The Rose and The Beast)
3) Hurricane Dorothy
4) Bon Voyage
5) Femme Fatale
6) Hepatitis
7) Computer Game (Theme from The Circus)
8) Firecracker
9) Insomnia
10) In Limbo
11) Funiculi Funicula