Femina del Fuego - Festival Special Tue, 2020-06-09 20:01

Welcome to the all Fem power podcast: Femina del Fuego.

‘Femina’ – Latin for the feminine spirit, and here we celebrate the fiery ones – aka – ‘del Fuego’ 

This is a space of celebration.

We bring together fantastic feel-good minds and meanings, speak our power, and focus on your best fierce inner fem life.
This special episode is promoting the Femina del Fuego Festival on Saturday the 13th of June in collaboration with Rhythm Passport – an all-day WOMXNS celebration raising money for ‘Sisters of Change’ which supports women of color suffering from domestic abuse.

The best and brightest of the London music scene are coming together for a day of entertainment.

Rhythm Passport – Saturday, June 13th – Live on Facebook – DJ’s, Live Acts, WOMXNS Talks



Jelly Cleaver & Shunaji – Feeling Fine

Shunaji – Red Honey (ft Amhala)

Tenesha The Wordsmith – Dangerous Women

Let Drum Beat – Berim-Dub

Amira Their – Amwaj

Yi-Jia Tu – Kongurei (Female Mix)

Yassassin – Pretty Face

Sophie Darling – It Could Be Easy (LIVE)

Yassassin – Social Politics

Amira Kheir – Looli

Tenesha the Wordsmith – Why White Folk Can’t Call me Ni**a

Let Drum beat – Leão

Los Bitchos – The Link Is About To Die

Feeo – Morning Glory

Plumm – To Be A Woman

Jelly Cleaver – Yarls Wood

Margot – Strip It

Rebecca Vasmant – Freefall (ft Nadya Albertsso)

Jelly Cleaver – VI  II V