Exile Radio 5 - Baladi Blues special ft Guy Schalom and Sheik Taha Fri, 2011-12-09 01:11

Mark and Drew welcome Baladi specialists Guy Schalom and Sheik Taha into the studio to discuss their album “Baladi Blues 2 – A Tribute to the Masters”. Whilst exploring the roots of the music they discuss their experiences in Egypt and also make time to give an introductory lesson to the rhythms of Baladi. The temperature in the studio was raised by their smoking live session – hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Track – Artist – Album

1) Lili Boniche – Ana Fil Hoube – Alger Alger
2) Natascha Atlas – Hayati Inta Reprise (Hayatak Ana) – Ana Hina
3) Mavrika – Derbederisa
4) Guy Schalom – Ala Balad El Mahboub Watini (ft Frank London) – Baladi Blues 2: A Tribute to the Masters

– Interview with Guy Schalom & Sheik Taha
– Baladi rhythm lesson live

5) Guy Schalom – Lelet Hob – Baladi Blues
6) Guy Schalom & Sheik Taha – Tarameyah (Live)
7) Guy Schalom & Sheik Taha – Rannet Khol Khali (Live)
8) Guy Schalom – Ala Rimsh Ayouna – Baladi Blues 2: A Tribute to the Masters