Exile Radio 1 - WOMAD Special Wed, 2011-07-27 18:40

The height of summer is approaching?. apparently. It?s the end of July so we?re in festival mood – whatever the weather?s like here in England. In this, the first session of the Exile Radio series, we feature music from the forthcoming WOMAD festival happening in Charlton Park. We?ve chosen music from performing artists who originate from France, Cuba, Mali, Columbia and of course, the UK. We also accompany Mark as he recalls some of the musical highlights of his honeymoon foray to WOMAD New Zealand, uncovering a Polynesian gem of a track. World music news presents a selection of suggested live gigs in London over the upcoming weeks. Before we conclude we take a brief dip into Ethiopian-Anglo fusion territory. If you can?t make it to any festivals this weekend, get your wellies on and your brollies out and enjoy these tunes anyway?


1) Lloyd Miller & the heliocentrics ? Mandela
2) Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara ? Yerro Mama
3) Raghu Dixit ? Mysore se aagi
4) Chapelier Foux ? Metamorphisis
5) Penguin Caf? Orchestra ? Yodel 2 (live)
6) Vieux Farke Toure ? Amana Quai (track 2)
7) Ali Farke Toure ? I Got Ka
8) Dub pistols (with lindy Layton and Rodney P) ? I?m in love
9) BrassRoots ? Good Life
10) Lokkhi Terra – Gottogotodhaka
11) Will Crummer and the Raratonguns ? tu pu I con ai
12) Sidestepper ? San Juan Step
13) Afrocubism – Nima Diyala
14) Dub Colossus ? Azmari Dub