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Ep.5 - The Gambia to Kenya (All Vinyl A to Z of Africa) Tue, 2020-05-26 12:22

Join Alban Low on a journey across Africa, from Algeria to Zimbabwe, one country, one record at a time.

Take a trip with me to The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau and Kenya. This week we hear from the Globetrotting Ghanaian musician who earned the title The Divine Drummer; the leader of a pioneering dance company who was imprisoned in a Guinean concentration camp; and the Kenyan musician who wrote and recorded one of the most popular songs in Africa.

1 – Konte Family – Masaane Siise (Virgin)
2 – Guy Warren – Waltzing Drums (RCA Victor)
3 – Des Ballets Africains De Keita Fodeba – Minko-Sodia (Vogue Productions)
4 – Ramiro Naka – Tchon Tchoma (Island Records)
5 – Fadhili William And The Black Shadows – Malaika (Equator International)



– Alban Low is apart of the ‘A World in London’ team.
Produced / Presented / Artwork by: Alban Low