Electric Dish - MIX THREE - Xylophone Special Wed, 2019-06-19 21:44

This mix is inspired by my (Sophie Darling) learning the Chopi Timbila from Mozambique – a large wooden xylophone, played in orchestras – for the last two years. It all climaxed in an exam toward my degree, which was a great success.
I’ve deeply loved learning this beautiful instrument, and the xylophone techniques in general.

I decided to make a mix of various tracks featuring xylophones. At first I realised I kept allowing steel pans and a clave to pass as a xylophone – then I thought, NO! The xylophones good enough to have an ENTIRE mix dedicated to it’s fine features.

I hope you enjoy.

P.S This is an ode to Robbie, many thanks, and the timbila gang \m/

Artwork & Mix by Sophie Darling



Interludio The Caves of Magdalena  – Malphino

Kumbé Ghetto – Kumbé

El Oro De La Tolita  -Thornato  feat. Grupo Taribo

Bani – Susso

Musa – Paradise Maajo

Malukayi – Mbongwana Star feat. Konono No.1

Tzantza – Nicola Cruz

I Know  -Onipa

Nobody Said It Would Be Easy – Auntie Flo

El Guerrero – Andrea Benini

Children Song – Lipelis

Kudaushe-  Afriquoi

Woza – Onipa

Mokako – Afriquoi

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