Divercity - Episode 6 - Akala Fri, 2012-07-27 17:45

The 6th episode of Divercity is marked by a rather special visit from the UK’s preeminent Hip-Hop ambassador Akala.

Akala is a Wordsmith, Intellectual, Sick Lyricist, Entrepreneurial and Activist. Akala is what Hip-Hop is and should be. Although he “not playlisted on radio 1” his success and popularity has been recognized world wide, fitting tribute to the power of truth and self determination.

So with out further a due let me let me introduce Akala and Knowledge Is Power which is also his Self Entitled Mix CD.

Track Listing

Fight the Power – Public Enemy – Fear of a Black Planet
Absolute Power – Akala – Knowledge is Power Mix CD
Your’s and my Children – Akala (Simba remix)
Knowledge is Power – Akala – Knowledge is Power Mix CD
Who’s the Gangsta? – Akala – Knowledge is Power Mix CD