Disco Unusual Ep. 8 - Sixteen of Me Sun, 2017-04-02 18:06

Disco Unusual is back. Expect less talking this time round and more music.


The Durutti Column – In D

Bendith – Dinas

Dee Dee Sharp – The Bottle Or Me

The Voice – One Year Late

Bar – Luna May

Oneeda – Your Old Girlfriend (Club Mix)

Kelley Polar Quartet – Castrovalva

Laid Back – White Horse

Night Moves – Transdance (Robot Rock) (UK Club Mix)

Segv – Xsy

Gerry And The Holograms – Gerry And The Holograms (Alternative 1979 Drumbox Version)

Richenel – Gentle Friend

Kate Bush – Watching You Without Me

Sonya Spence – It Hurts To Be Alone

Winston Reedy – Superstar


Many thanks to Pamela Jones for the use of her watercolour.


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