Deep Fried Beats from SEA avec Nodey Thu, 2018-04-05 14:11

After a series of chance encounters and conversations with Franco-Viet boys from a VietStartup event Tuấn-Minh and later with Cảnh (DJ Canh Chua) at Julia Thanh’s event, led to this weekend with Nodey and friends. On Friday 4th August 2017 we did a show on SOAS radio, we were also joined by Trang, Hoa and Carô (Alongside TM and Canh) for the second half of the show, unfortunately, the amateur producer at SfSEA forgot to wipe the hard drive so parts of the evening is forever immortalised in our collective memories, only to be retrieved at a later unknown future.

Photo credit: Sean Phạm

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