DanDana Episode 18 | With Rasha Nahas Tue, 2021-02-02 19:52

On top of the high mountains of Haifa, by the Mediterranean see there lies a vibrant scene of Palestinian music, from which singer songwriter Rasha Nahas emerged. With her guitar and poetic voice, Rasha’s music talks about the personal, political, space, movement and emotions.

On the eve before the release of Rasha Nahas’ debut album, DanDana host and producer Christina Hazboun delved with Rasha into the music scene in Haifa, what melodies inspired her and what magical ingredients she has sprinkled into her debut album Desert.



Moody Kablawi: Railway

Raymond Haddad: New Sun

Toot Ard: Trouble Watan

Rasha Nahas: Hey

Rasha Nahas: Ashes

Kamilya Jubran: An Insan عن إنسان

Al Shatea’ (فرقة الشاطيء الفلسطينية): Rah Nibni Madeeneh راح نبني مدينة  (We shall build a city)