DanDana Episode 17 | W/ Yousra Mansour of Bab L'Bluz Tue, 2021-01-05 22:33

In this intimate DanDana podcast host and producer Christina Hazboun talks to the wonderful Yousra Mansour, front woman of Moroccan band Bab L’Bluz who are reclaiming the blues for North Africa.

The Quartet released their debut album Nayda! In June 2020 on Real World Records and their unforgettable and unique style has been echoing around the globe since. Blending guembri, asiwsha (baby guembri) with fuzz guitars, drums and flutes, the band’s music transports listeners to the depths of aural consciousness, while their lyrics are aimed at awakening the sleeping consciousness of those who require it.

Yousra guides us from song to song as she opens doors and pathways to her own story and musical history, recalling early influences, key moments on the Moroccan music scene and her latest preferences.



Sheikha Kharbousha

Hoba Hoba Spirit feat. Bigg – Goulou Bazz

Bab L’Bluz – Ila Mata

João Gilberto Tom Jobim Stan Getz – Desafinado

47 Soul – Machina

Mohamed Rouicha – Inas Inas