DanDana Episode 15 | Sheikh Imam Part II Wed, 2020-06-10 11:00

To commemorate the passing of Sheikh Imam on the 7th of June 1995, DanDana team are releasing this special second part episode on the work and legacy of Egyptian twentieth century prominent revolutionary artist Sheikh Imam. Hosts Yamen Mekdad and Christina Hazboun are joined by music historian Hazem Jamjoum to revisit his works from the point of his imprisonment in the early 1970’s onwards.

Please note that the first episode was broadcast in August 2019 and can be listened to HERE



الشيخ إمام – واه يا عبد الودو – Sheikh Imam – Wah ya abd lwadod

‫الشيخ إمام – في ذكرى الميلاد العشرين‬‎ Sheikh Imam – Fi Thikra lmiald Leshren

الشيخ إمام – طلع الصباح – Sheik Imam – Tole Alsobh

الشيخ إمام – فاليري جيسكار ديستان – Sheikh Imam – Valeri Jiksar Destan

الشيخ إمام – ابوح يا مجروح – Sheikh Imam – Aboh ya Majrooh

الشيخ إمام – هما مين واحنا مين Sheikh Imam – Homa meen o ahna meen