DanDana Episode 14 | Ambient Music in Greater MENA Fri, 2020-06-05 20:40

The borders between genres such as ambient, drone, musique concrète, electro-acoustic and experimental music are blurry. Compositions sonically weave together soundscapes from natural and urban environments, recordings of instruments, voice, with synthesizers and electronics, creating immersive listening experiences which transcend linear narratives and instead invite us to discover novel notions of space and time. Join the usual sonic culprits Emily Sarsam, Yamen Makdad and Christina Hazboun in their aural exploration.

Artwork by Sote (aka Ata Ebtekar)


Saba Ali Zadeh: Elegy for Water
Song Of Extreme Happiness: Rabih Beaini
Sary Moussa – Figure  (Imbalance)
R.A.N. (HÜMA UTKU): Sabah
Return Of Black September/ Gaza / Muslimgauze / Staalpaat (1996)
Georgia: Natia Sartania-Kituashvili aka. sTia – One (SLEEPERS POETS SCIENTIST)
Youmna Saba – Hubout 
Intro​-​Izzeddin El​-​Kassam​-​The Shooting of Salem Khaleel Shamaly​-​IDF Shop Talk​-​Mashi Mashi (Side A)/ GAZA / Pharoah Chromium / not on label (2015)