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DanDana EP01 | Tunisia Wed, 2018-06-27 11:42

In our first episode we share a glimpse into the diverse musical landscape of Tunisia. From bass heavy hip hop beats to hypnotic rhythms with roots in Sub saharan Africa, the small country at the tip of North Africa is known for being a cultural melting pot linking Asia, Africa and Europe.

Tune in for a short interview with our special guest, Imed Alibi, a hugely talented percussionist who has worked with a variety of musicians including Boukakes, Rachid Taha and Emel Mathlouthi and has recently launched his latest album Salhi.

What follows is a selection of music chosen by our three hosts, Yamen, Christina & Emily, spanning various genres, regions and eras.

Enjoy and stay tuned for our next episode all about Stambeli and its different manifestations across the African continent.



Imed Alibi – Pour quelques dinars de plus

Habiba Msika – Aala Sarir Enoum

Chafia Rochdi – Maa El-Azaba

Slah Mosbah – Yamma Lasmar Douni

Hadhra – Ya Belahsan Ya Shadli

Afghan Project – Haw Bayen

Anouar Brahem, Jan Garbarek, Shaukat Hussain – Sul Lull

Mohammed Hanesh – Sidi Mansour

Ceremony to celebrate the seventh day after the Mawlid (Birth of the Prophet Muhammad) at Association de la Culture du Stambali Tunisie Sidi Ali Lasmar (Follow the link for the full recording:

Correction: Sidi Belhassen Chedly was not buried in Tunis but rather in Humaithra, Egypt. Read more here:

Thanks to Paul Scheicher for the remark