DanDana Ep. 12 | Resistance and Solidarity Sat, 2020-04-18 21:00

NB: This episode was recorded during the Covied-19 lockdown and aired on radio el huma #راديو_الحومة

As we withdraw into our private spaces during this pandemic, we ponder the current state and the unknown. To exist becomes an act of resistance of the daily, of the norm and form both imposed and perceived. The last century has provided us with a wealth of resistance and solidarity songs composed by musicians whose music still holds messages for us today. In this episode we invite you to listen to music and conversations that DanDana team have over music ranging from the Arab revolution of 1936 to genre-defying electronica of recent years.

Artwork by F160.


Naysam Jalal & Rhythms of Resitance – Parfois c’est plus forst que toi

Mohamed Hamam – Pablo Neruda 1 & 2

Noah Ibrahim (نوح ابراهيم) – Dabberha ya mister Dell (دبرها يا مستر دل لشاعر الثورة)

Sabreen – Ughniya wataneyya

Koma Wetan – Koma Wetan (LP 1990)

Chikha Beggar Hadda – Demou Sayah  الشيخة بقّار حدّى

Fatima Al-Qaderi – Curfew

Fatima Al-Qaderi – Endzone

Selda Bağcan _ Yuh! Yuh!

Mohammad Sedqi (محمد صدقي) – hathi el-ard hiya el3ard lana (هذه الأرض هي العرض لنا)